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For instance, equipped with fragrant fragrances, glittering jewels, great fabrics, luring elixirs and luscious fruits, The Goblin Market (The Devil) portrays the trap of materialism. Yet Weatherstone elaborates that not just are the Goblin's products simple temptations, but also illusive, destructive and addicting. Once purchased, utilized or consumed, the gems become rough pebbles, the garments burn the skin and the fruits develop more hunger.

Mentioning The Goblin Market functioning as The Devil card, here are the other re-named cards in the: The Minor Arcana suits are divided according to the 4 seasons: I was pleased to see this particular demarcation given that these are the individual seasonal associations I credit the 4 suits.

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e. snow for winter, flower-filled fields for summertime, and so on) In fact, among the most fantastic cards in the is the 3 of Winter (aka the 3 of Swords). At , a couple carries out a dramatic scene on the far-off phase. In the foreground, 3 females (of course) whisper behind unfurled fans, not even taking a look at the production.

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With little to occupy them throughout the long winter months, gossip is a favorite activity, and their viewpoints are not always kind. Little offenses are amplified, little lapses of judgment are thrown into high relief, and everybody minds everyone else's business far better than they mind their own. There are genuine catastrophes, to be sure, however overemphasized melodrama acts as well for minor minds and cold hearts, Work environment intrigue is especially perilous, as it can cause genuine damage to livelihood and reputation." What a wonderful re-casting of the conventional 3 of Swords card! (Personally, I 'd ascribe this kind of interpretation to the 3 of Cups reversed, but it works extremely well as the 3 of Swordsor the 3 of Winterespecially since both Death and the 5 of Summer demonstrate sorrow, disappointment, sadness and loss in this deck).