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How Much Do Hospitals Spend on Beds? Is There a Way to save Money?

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March 13, 2020 In 2017, the authorized variety of health center beds in the United Stated amounted to at approximately 931,000. With nearly one million medical facility beds presently in blood circulation and over 36 million medical facility admissions, you may ask, "Just how much do healthcare facilities actually invest in beds? Is there a way to conserve money?" In the material below, we discuss the approximate values of each hospital bed type and check out any opportunities to save money.

Though manufactures create different models and accessories, we explore the three most essential elements to a health center bed: the bed frame, frame customizations, and the mattress. Bed Frames Bed frames are the most adjustable components of the hospital bed. With conventional inpatient usage and bed frames ideal for ICU and bariatric applications, the typical expense of a healthcare facility bed frame originates from its designated use and total incorporation of advanced features.

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For that reason, the cost of a bed frame considerably draws from its level of development. On average, a standard bed frame with no personalizations usually costs between $4,500 and $7,000. However, when you start including specialized functions and modifications to the standard style, expect the cost to increase upwards of $15,000.

Nevertheless, ICU beds are less costly than bariatric beds, typically costing between $35,000 and $40,000. House Healthcare Facility Bed Frames Though used in a client's house in lieu of the health center, the associated expenses with these medical facility bed frames straight associate to functions. Varying in cost from $500 to $10,000, home health center bed frames are manufactured in manual and electrical designs, using different bed frame measurements.

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As a result, clients can determine which home healthcare facility bed frame suits their needs and sticks to their financial wherewithal. to bear in mind pertains to the health center bed sheets basic house sheets cost around $50 a set. Bed Frame Customizations In addition to the purchase of either a basic or specific bed frame, consider the costs for any add-ons your medical center might require in a bed frame.

Below are some of the most typical bed frame add-ons: Defibrillator Tray, Bed Exit Alarm, IV Poles, O2 Bottle Holder, Hand Control, Bed Extender with Pad, Pump Holder, CPR Board & Bracket, Rails, Trapeze Bars, Call Cords Mattress and Mattress Pad Medical Facility bed mattress and bed mattress pads range from materials of standard foam to integrated gel and air.