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As healthcare costs continue to spiral, getting cigarette smokers to give up ends up being more and more essential. The occurrence of cardiovascular illness, COPD, and different cancers have their roots in nicotine addiction, making brand-new ways to curb cigarette smoking of major interest. Hence, when an article appears in the Washington Post promoting a "pill that quashes tobacco desire discovered in plain sight," it gets attention.

The drug is cytisine and it is isolated from laburnum trees in Bulgaria. In truth, it is currently sold as Tabex by Sopharma in Eastern Europe, where it's been on the market considering that 1964. Moreover, there have been medical research studies done just recently that support the smoking cigarettes cessation homes of cytisine when compared to placebo.

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Instead of utilizing the Sopharma name for the drug, Tabex, he is calling it "Extab" and he has actually raised capital to carry out the needed steps required to get regulatory approval. One might think that gathering such approval needs to be a breeze. After all, this drug has been in usage in Eastern Europe for over 50 years.

While Tabex had been available in all previous socialist countries in the 1960s, it was withdrawn from the marketplace in those countries that signed up with the European Union. The factors are uncertain, but Etter indicates that Sopharma acknowledges a variety of drug side-effects consisting of changes in taste and hunger, headache, nausea, and digestion problems.


All drugs have side-effects and cytisine is no different. But regulatory companies like the FDA may want a better understanding of these results before approval. To acquire the data that will be required for approval, some medical research studies might require to be done. The FDA might even ask for that a head-to-head contrast study in smokers be done with Pfizer's Chantix, which will not come cheap.

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Such a contrast has actually never been done and would be incredibly important for patients, doctors, and payers worried about getting smokers to quit. However, if such studies are needed to get Extab approved, they will require millions of dollars. Stewart and his financiers plainly want a significant return on their investments to justify moving this program forward.