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A random tasting: I would advise this deck for people who like Zen-flavored point of view, prefer straight talk and are ready to put in the time required to learn more about these cards. In return, they'll return vivid imagery, brand-new viewpoint, and to-the-point recommendations. p. s. Feel free to request this deck when reserving a session with me.

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Welcome to my tarot deck reviews page, where I provide honest, directly up reviews on Tarot Card Decks and Oracle Decks. If you are shopping for a brand-new pack of Tarot Cards, my Tarot Deck Reviews ought to provide you a good concept of whether you will take pleasure in a particular deck.

This deck is complete of witchy critters, wonderful monsters and fascinating creatures making it the and self exploration. This deck is everything I search for in a Tarot deck intense colours, matte surface cards, relatable scenes & characters and excellent vibes. The older and more irritable I get, the more I have come to appreciate decks that have an easy art style something that leaves you great deals of room to breathe and contemplate.

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When I initially took this deck out of the box, I fell in love with the card backs they're extremely cute and eye catching. The design of this deck is basic and uncluttered with the only colours being black, white and ochre yellow My first impression of this deck is that it's a high quality Tarot deck, loaded with imagery that appears to glow and pulse with life.

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And I'm glad he did! Have an appearance and see what makes this deck so special This might simply be the best deck (according to me, anyway!). With , gothic taste and enjoyable, yet mysterious vibe, this deck is a pleasure to the sensesfind out more If you like cats, feeling happy and doing readings that leave you feeling uplifted, then you will LOVE this distinct and spirited Tarot deckcheck out more The art work of this deck is easy in it's style and relaxing in its colours.

Find out more From the creator of the Chakra Knowledge Oracle comes a distinct deck that mixes chakra things with Tarot things what's not to like ?! Learn more This is a fresh and diverse Tarot deck for the contemporary woman! Fits, courts and some majors have been renamed in a basic, simple to understand method.