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Unusual though, Woman Scout Cookies appears to be exceptionally popular amongst particular stoners and breeders, but there is only little details to be found about this variety. What we understand is, that these cookies must bake 55-63 days before you can delight in those shiny white buds with a crust of trichomes.

Woman Scout Cookies Extreme is an indica dominant hybrid of Durban Toxin and OG Kush. This is a California-born strain. This is the best evening pressure - it offers you bliss and relaxation. Its taste and odor are earthy and sweet. It also has medicinal results, helps with queasiness, pain and anorexia nervosa.

Woman Scout Cookies Extreme does not require special care and will be an outstanding choice for amateur growers. It can be grown in any growing environment. The crop appears in 70 days. The plant is more ideal for a warm environment, however in a cool environment, you can see how the buds will turn purple.

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The odor and taste are earthy with tips of chocolate, mint and spices.

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Who created the Cookies Stress? So we understand it came from the Cookies Fam, but we don't understand for sure which member of the family bred the Woman Scout Cookies strain. Considered that in some parts of the world, GSC is called Berners Cookies, you would think that it was Berner's creation.

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In a league of its own, Because the Girl Scout Cookies stress has a particularly distinct terpene profile, users and growers of GSC understood that Cookies, like Haze, Kush, or Cheese, were a private subsection of marijuana. The terpene profile offers GSC an earthy or musky scent, with some users reported the odor of the freshly baked cookies, the marijuana strain takes its name.