The Fellowes Helios 70 thermal binding equipment is usually a good robust nevertheless easy binding machine that will pairs easy, push switch function with a large 600 webpage binding capability. Below are the particular step by step instructions for holding some sort of document using the Fellowes Helios 60: Before binding, ensure the machine is definitely in a good stable doing the job surface and therefore there is a good amount of space surrounding the appliance to operate it carefully. The Fellowes Helios sixty uses a high degree of heat in order to burn the thermal cement adhesive together with secure the papers inside of the cover, so it is vital that you include a clear working location. Insert the power cord to the machine. The strength socket is located at the particular rear of the unit. Plug your machine into the easily-accessible outlet, then switch on the main power-switch, which is located in the back of the machine. Open the lid on the binding machine by launching the safety catches about the front side of often the lid and then raising the idea to the open location. Once the major power switch for that equipment has been turned on, typically the LED indicator in the 'Power-On' button will certainly be red. To ready often the machine for binding, basically press the 'Power-On' switch on the control section. The machine will begin warming up up, during which the 'Power-On' button will display red. When the device reaches the correct binding temp, the DIRECTED indicator in the 'Power-On' key can turn green along with the machine will beep three times. Prepare yourself the document(s) you are presenting simply by placing the sheets into the cover(s). Intended for the best outcomes, do definitely not to put even more sheets or much less linens into the cover than are recommended. The Helios 60 includes a pre-installed holding size guide the fact that is calibrated in zero. 25" widths to guide you identify the proper presenting cover size. This specific machine encourage single or maybe multiple files up to help a combined total width of 2. 5" (approximately 600 sheets, based upon 20 lb .. paper). Notice: Using wider paper will reduce the potential. Take the document clamp start and insert your document(s) into the binding station. Once have introduced the document(s) and sealed the record clamp, the particular 'Auto-Sense' performance will estimate the optimum executed circuit based upon the entire pills thickness and change the appliance accordingly. Note: Throughout order to adequately content your document(s), assure that the spine of the particular joining cover(s) is around contact with this home heating element. The violet LIGHT EMITTING DIODE will light up to indicate the selected binding routine. Utilize timer selection switches to modify the cycle way up or perhaps down, if required. The size has the entire connected with 10 controls, which in turn represent 0. 25" increments. For instance , a good 0. 25" dense document will hole at setting 1, and even a one 25" solid document may bind from setting a few (because the idea is the equivalent of five 0. 25" increments). Get started the binding cycle simply by pressing the 'Select/OK' switch. When the binding pattern begins, the blue XMAS TREES will start flashing in addition to depending down the left over time. When the binding procedure is comprehensive, the equipment will beep three times and even the blue LED may turn off. The moment the particular presenting cycle is comprehensive, quickly remove the document(s) and transfer it/them to be able to the built-in air conditioning dish or place it/them on a flat surface to be able to cool. Allow all papers in order to cool completely before attempting to spread out them, as opening these individuals prematurely may result in internet pages getting loosened. Note: The report can be removed by the equipment mid-cycle if necessary, yet usage extreme caution as the stuff of which lines the spine might be hot and dissolved.