Are Ghosts and Possessions Real? - Topic: Ajarn Patana - Thai Black Magic

A talk with Master Patana.

Yes, ghosts do exist. And there are generally 3 types of ghosts spirits, the negative, the positive and the neutral type. Every person is born with 3 immortal souls, we have what is known as the Life Soul, Conscious Soul and Heavenly/Universe Soul. The Life Soul determines the lifespan of a person, the Conscious Soul is what gives us self conscious and morality and the Heavenly/Universe Soul is what stores our true wisdom and is the soul that connects us to the source or to God.

When a person dies, only the Conscious Soul will continue to linger and still, earthbound when the person has unfinished business or desires. A person who died of a natural death or one who died peacefully would become a neutral ghost spirit, usually harmless to the living and usually all that they ask for are food offerings. They can be mischievous but often harmless. They would linger and be earthbound up till the time they have a chance to reincarnate.

The positive ghost spirits are of people who still have unfulfilled positive desires, they could be a priest, monk or one who strongly believes in helping others but have yet to fulfil all their goals in the previous life. And due to their strong desires, they could go on to help others even in their subtle bodies. These ghost spirits are sometimes known as angel spirits.

The negative ghosts are spirits that are angry, fierce, lustful. They are the unsettled souls who continue to seek revenge on people who once harmed them and they could continue to do harm to anyone to satisfy their unfulfilled desires. :

Yes, possessions are real too. However, it is possible only when a living person is weak in their Conscious Soul. Fears, worries, depression, anger, guilt and resentments are some of the few negative emotions that will weaken a person’s Conscious Soul. The negative ghost would be able to step into the weakened Conscious Soul and take possession of it.

And sometimes these spirits could also possess a tree to become a tree spirit as trees do not have a conscious or universe soul, all they have is the Life Soul. So it is easy for any ghost spirit to dwell in a tree. Hence, especially in Asia, you will see people making offerings and praying to a tree.

It is possible to communicate and ask for help from any spirits as they have lost their physical bodies and they will need help from the living to fulfil certain desires in their place or to receive spiritual energies via food offerings, or merits.