The Messenger Bot is a program that will allow you to run multiple advertisements from your website. It has been built from the ground up to take advantage of Facebook's popular plugins, which are visually enhanced through the Messenger Bot's Visual Drag and Drop functionality. With this amazing feature, you can create ads that will change automatically with the content on your page without being a hassle. For , you could build an ad for Acai berry. Once someone clicks through and goes to the Acai berry site, they will see the ad again on other pages of your site. This keeps people on one page of your site, where you want them to be. In addition, the Ads you build would not be able to be seen by other users on the site. If someone visited your site and saw that your ad was on another page, they would probably think it was a mistake. You want the ads to be discrete, yet you want them to be noticeable enough that people notice them. By building specific ads based on the content on your pages, you can avoid this problem completely. What will the visual drag and drop functionality do for you? It basically means that when people click on one of your ads, it will go into the box next to that ad. People who follow the link will be taken to that specific page. If are interested in what you have to offer, you will be able to get more conversions with your site. To make the most out of the functionality of this plugin, you should place videos on your site. The Video drag and drop feature will place your video content in one box, while keeping everything else in another. Your video content will be tucked neatly into the appropriate box, and all you have to do is activate the "use video ads" option. When you are done, your videos will appear right away in the content section. What does this mean for your AdSense account? This means that instead of seeing ads everywhere on your site, you would only see ads in the content section. This could dramatically cut down on the amount of clutter that would otherwise be visible to your visitors. If you are someone who really wants to increase your click through rate, this plugin could be one of the best things you could invest in. This particular builder could really help you build your website faster and more efficiently. Messenger Bot Visual Drag and Drop Flow Builder will allow you to focus on making your content informative and helpful, rather than trying to focus on making your website look impressive. You won't need to worry about wasting time creating flashy ads or getting creative with videos because the visual drag and drop process will do all of that for you. All you have to do is put in the right HTML code and then drag and drop your widgets wherever you want them to go on your website. In addition to saving you time, this visual drag and drop flow builder plugin will also save you money. When you make changes to your website using this easy-to-use builder, you are not going to have to spend time coming up with new ways to display video ads or coming up with new ways to promote your products. With this easy-to-use builder, you won't have to bother yourself with any of that at all. Instead, you can let the visual drag and drop feature take care of everything. Homepage: