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On the other hand I was doing my best not to doze at the keyboard. We realized we were failing the diet, or it was failing us. It just was possible to consume this little. We understood we had authorization from the diet to make another juice but it was the thought of having another green juice that was making it so tough to discover happiness.

Something unanticipated happened: I got a second wind and burst of energy. and Caitee was still exhausted however went for a walk. I also let her clean up the whole kitchen which included scrubbing green juice off of every surface area, cabinets, fridge, walls etc. Possibly we were both mastering this since our energy returned.

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The second juice of the day gave us hope that we could survive this without losing consciousness. By 4 p. m. Caitee felt a little lightheaded and I required some air and was losing focus so I opted for a little walk through the neighborhood to gather my thoughts and get my focus back.

I got back to work with a container of ice water with lemon beside my computer system, Hydrating helped me return to life. We really wanted some carbs-- so I let myself have some blueberries to provide me a shock of energy. Of course what I actually desired was a great huge piece of bread.

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Towards the end of the day the wheels started to come off. We drank the 3rd green juice (we had made a huge batch earlier) and started to select at the chocolate. We had actually thought that eating the dark chocolate would have assisted both of our moody outlooks. By https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9j-XEb4UMQ were snapping at each other and not particularly enjoying this entire workout.

Finally, time for dinner and red wine-- and sleep, By the time it got dark and we felt that we could open the bottle of white wine as a benefit I was just ready to go to sleep. My stomach was empty and nerves frayed. But Caitee wanted to have the wine so I stayed up and with her.