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Whatever is gone to item style and experience." He's right: Nowadays, passionate smokers are more fascinated by compact devices like pens and even a wine glass that offer much of the exact same experience as cigarette smoking from a Volcano. To their credit, Storz and Bickel have launched numerous iterations of the Volcano to date.

Naturally, it uses more features, like combined convection and conduction heating, which enables it to warm up 10 times quicker and for that reason be ready to enter just 40 seconds, along with Bluetooth connectivity. However in the scope of the vaporizing market, even this most current gadget feels like something past its prime.

"They're this truly fascinating niche product from a minute in time, that when you talk to someone who is in their mid to late 30s, they'll constantly remember their very first Volcano. But if you speak to your typical millennial today, they will have never experienced a Volcano." Eventually, Browne thinks that the Volcano lost its place on the stoner's mantelpiece once cannabis culture grew in popularity.

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"Would you rather just pop in a K-Cup or a cartridge and have, five seconds later, the satisfaction of doing it, or do you desire to grind up a lot of weed and then put it in your Volcano and after that struck the switch and wait for it?" In that sense, Browne compares the Volcano to the French press.

Basically, these days, the volcano is what vinyl became in the 1990s and early 2000s an apparently outdated approach of enjoying something that might be done far much faster and with less effort. But who understands what the future might bring? After , vinyl is back. Maybe a new generation of stoners will soon enough discover this metal piece of cannabis culture lore, fill a bag filled with vapor and ignore their portable vape pens altogether.

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# 1 Constructed to Last Made by Storz and Bickel, the Volcano Vaporizer is German-engineered and constructed to last the test of time. Unlike other vaporizers, the Volcano is built with heat-resistant, flavorless and food-safe materials. Designed to endure heavy usage, this is the only vaporizer to fulfill ISO quality manufacturing standards, and UL and NRTL requirements.