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Among the newest hybrid strains on the market, Cereal Milk is currently getting rave reviews. You might have heard about it from High Times or other locations, but to be sincere, this hybrid is still a bit of a mystery. Sativa/Indica %Indoor Yield, Outdoor Yield Blooming Period50%/ 50% Unidentified Unidentified Unknown Info about Cereal Milk This strain came from California, and its initial breeder is not presently sharing.

Cereal Milk is referred to as smelling like Cap'n Crunch milk or strawberry ice cream. The scent is as powerful as its taste. You'll know if you've gotten your hands on authentic Cereal Milk. Cereal Milk is a mix of Y Life, which is a cross between Woman Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, and Snowman, a Cookies phenotype that's heavy on the sativa side.

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Here are some fantastic seed deals. Purchase 10 and get 10 seeds free of charge! Receive all of our special offers, Delivered free of charge to all the U.SGuaranteed delivery & germination Cereal Milk Pressure ORIGINGirl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, and Snowman EFFECTSHits quickly, with deep relaxation followed by an euphoric high ADVERSE RESPONSES (NEGATIVE)Dry eye and cottonmouth, small jitters, forgetfulness, and mild disorientation, FRAGRANCESweet, fruity, FLAVORSCarb-heavy after taste, MEDICAL Unidentified FLOWERING TIME INDOORS Unknown Blooming TIME OUTDOORS Unidentified PLANT HEIGHT Unknown THC CONTENT % Unknown CBD % Unknown INDICA/ SATIVA % Unidentified INDOOR YIELD Unknown OUTDOOR YIELD Unidentified Environment Unknown Development LEVEL Unidentified RESISTANCE TO DISEASEUnknown Effects Forget the truth that it smells like a kid's favorite food, Cereal Milk is powerful.

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Worries disappear as you're brought away by the wonderful buzzy head high. Imaginations start nearly right away and last throughout of the high. After about , your body will feel significantly lighter, while your soul begins to feel more energetic. This is what occurs as Cereal Milk eases your tension and stress.

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Social situations are no problem with Cereal Milk, as long as you do not mind other individuals smelling the source of your new-found self-confidence. Buds are especially thick and covered in trichomes. A little goes a long method with this stress. Do not be afraid to take it slow and enjoy Cereal Milk in small dosages for energy and a state of mind increase.