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English [modify] Alternative kinds [modify] Etymology [modify] From. Pronunciation [edit] (plural) In the voodoo religion, a spirit intermediary in between Bondye (the developer god) and humans. 1953, Maya Deren, Divine Horsemen, Mc, Pherson & Business 2004, p. 36: Here, on the Island Listed Below the Sea, the loa have their permanent residence, their primal place.

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3: Some will warn you at terrific length about the dangers of Vodou. https://pbase.com/topics/squashclutch35/the_basic_principles_of_taxo will inform you that the lwa are envious, thin-skinned, and hot-tempered. 2009, Diarmaid Mac, Culloch, A History of Christianity, Penguin 2010, p. 714: Equally surprising is to find St Patrick so popular in numerous Vodou shrines, up until one keeps in mind that he too had actually been a slave who had two times crossed the sea, the second time to liberty, which he had particular power over snakes, like the (Haitian equivalent of orisha) Dambala Wdo.

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Pronunciation [edit] range, length (stative) long, permanent Derived terms [modify] Italian [edit] Etymology [edit] From. Pronunciation [edit] (secret):/ l. a/ Rhymes: -a Hyphenation: la f (plural) any nematod of the Referrals [modify] loa in Vocabolario Treccani on line, Istituto dell'Enciclopedia Italiana Anagrams [edit] Malagasy [edit] Etymology [modify] From (compare ). Pronunciation [edit] to vomit to pay to release Associated terms [edit] (Active) man-form: mandoa mi-form:-- om-form:-- (Passive) alternate:-- a-form: aloa voa-form: voaloa tafa-form:-- (Relative) an-form: andoavana i-form:-- Norwegian Nynorsk [modify] Etymology 1 [modify] (present tense, past tense, past participle, passive infinitive, present participle, crucial) Alternative spelling of Etymology 2 [modify] f singular of Portuguese [edit] Alternative types [edit] Etymology [edit] Back-formation from.

Formal second-person singular () present indicative form of. Third-person particular (,, likewise utilized with) present a sign form of. Further reading [modify] Tagalog [modify] Alternative types [modify] Etymology [modify] Obtained from. Pronunciation [edit] Hyphenation: loa (secret):/ loa/, [lo] panegyric of eulogy (generally in appreciation of the Virgin Mary and the saints) Pronunciation [modify] (perfect) to bewitch Obtained terms [modify] Vietnamese [edit] Etymology [modify] Sino-Vietnamese word from (" ").

Lwa (pronounced ), likewise called loa or loi, are spirits in the African diasporic religious beliefs of Haitian Vodou. They have actually also been included into some revivalist kinds of Louisiana Voodoo. A lot of the lwa obtain their identities in part from deities venerated in the traditional religious beliefs of West Africa, especially those of the Fon and Yoruba.