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We are here to help you by developing earth-friendly and natural aromatherapy items that you can't wait to wake up and utilize day-in and day-out. Since is more than just an excellent smell. We're happily here to help you create fun and safe day-to-day routines through aromatherapy since you should have to own your.

Merging vaporizer technology with ancient aromatherapy, the MONQ pen is an easier, pocket-friendly way to experience the life-enhancing benefits of aromatherapy. This pen-style individual oil diffuser can be found in 11 premium blends, each sourced from knowledgeable aromatherapy specialists. Each 100% natural and vegan important oil is free of GMOs, nicotine, tobacco, and artificial ingredients.

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No loading, blending or messes needed. Merely inhale into the mouth then breathe out through the nose and experience the advantages of essential oils on-the-go. While conventional oil diffusers over-stimulate the senses, the MONQ delivers optimum diffusion with simplicity, quality, and ease. The MONQ pen features high quality essential oils combined to perfection without any additives.

Delighted - Fennel, thyme, vanilla. Sexy - Jasmine, lime, patchouli. Sleepy - Chamomile, kava, and lavender. Vibrant - Ginger, lemon, and spearmint. Active - Bitter orange, black pepper, and sage. Healthy - Cinnamon leaf, marjoram, and turmeric. Forest - Black spruce, douglas fir, and sandalwood. Ocean - Eucalyptus, lime, and tangerine.

Love - Cacao, davana, and siam wood. Blended by scientists and aromatherapy masters, MONQ necessary oils provide the results of ancient aromatherapy as they're suggested to be enjoyed. Each blend is devoid of propylene glycol, diacetyl, gluten and other ingredients usually found in necessary oils. MONQ crafts their oils from 100% pure ingredients to provide a total aromatherapy experience.

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An advanced vaporization system extracts intense flavor notes, scents, and active substances for a fulfilling experience. Without any controls or warm up time, the gadget will produce vapor on-demand as you inhale. Each oil diffuser is slender and light-weight, fitting quickly in your pocket and hiding in your hand throughout use.

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With MONQ, you can choose the way you wish to feel from anywhere at anytime. MONQ pens are simple to use. Breath-activated, they rapidly create gentle mist as you breathe in from the mouthpiece. When the heating unit senses the pressure of your breath, a 210m, Ah battery activates, immediately reaching 0.