If I were him I would shut up and worry about his criminal organization known as the Obama administration. It’s awfully big of him to talk crap when he’s already a known crook! Renee Healy My daughter is a 2020 graduate and she would rather have a tooth pulled than listen to this criminal give a commencement speech. is waking up and realizing that main stream media lies. They do their own research. I have hope. -Nevarez These are the results of when a person with no class is given a position far above and beyond his capabilities, his intelligence and understanding. Never in the history of the world or the USA a previous president used his time or energy to criticize the actual incumbent. So no class Obama has to show his true colors, lack of humanity and principles. http://Explosion: La Firefighters Injured in 327 Boyd Street Fire in Downtown La Today Rick Lombardi I used to think he was just the worst president right below Jimmy Carter, now he’s probably the worst and most corrupt president in our history Connie Fox Warf Torn back the curtain and shown how YOUR administration was. And it's not good. Debbie Thome Linkens What is Obama’s problem ??!! All I can think of is jealousy!!! saw Obama at a media dinner belittle President Trump before President Trump was President!! I thought at that time what was he trying to prove being so sarcastic and nasty!!! Obama is a embarrassment!!! He divided our country and continues to try and keep us divided!! is jealous of what President Trump has accomplished for our country!! Nila Chambers So, what should be a simple congratulatory speech, Obama takes as his opportunity to get on his soapbox and blatantly bash current leadership. Despicable! Not surprised ... he continues his mission to destroy our nation, as if he didn’t do enough damage while in office. No class whatsoever. Just finally sit down, already. Gary Bernardini When you know that your legacy has wiped off the map and the only thing left of it is all the mess you left this president. If I was a student listening to this crap I would have done what most Americans have done change the channel and watch cartoons. Because at least they are a lot more honest then the former president. since Reagan and the greatest AG are turning back the curtain and exposing you as the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against America! If of law is applied equally in this country I demand Obama be indicted for crimes against America! Bryan Mann Obama showing his true colors now. Well now the left is really going to get defensive. Obama did nothing of importance for eight years, now he’s talking about the current administration. What a knucklehead. If you voted for this guy, please, re-evaluate yourself. Get over the TDS, and look at what these liberal “leaders” are trying to do. Susan Whalen Cannot stand this empty suit. He did absolutely nothing for 8 yrs. except put race relations back 50 yrs. He will go down in history as not only one of the most incompetent presidents but also one of the most corrupt. Donna Long Bullen Obama divided the country and sold unranium to Russia, had Billions of dollars missing from Ukraine of Tax Payer money,? Sold us out to China, let Hillary get away with those destroyed and missing emails and server. Did a lot. Behind the scenes...truth is being revealed.