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Our time and your time is at a premium. love what we do and we desire to be surrounded by like-minded, committed people who strive and enjoy the rewards.

The Marietta Fire Department recognizes the need for its members to accomplish optimum physical fitness levels, to that end, it supplies biannual physical conditioning testing and yearly health evaluations for its personnel. Numerous guys and females in the department are certified through the Cooper Institute as Peer Fitness Trainers. Now called Fire Service Physical fitness Specialists, these people aim to fight injuries and avoid deaths by showing fitness management and mentor technical skills.

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Much of the Cross, Fit exercises and WODs mimic the extensive work that firefighters perform. It is because of that that our department has actually adopted it as our primary physical fitness program. In the past, our yearly physical fitness testing was fixated conventional methods of measuring tools such as running, sit-ups, and push-ups.

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Energy. Goals. PRs. Challenges. Community. Household. Fitness. Fun. Just a couple of words that describe Cross, Fit East Cobb or "package" as members call it. Everybody at Cross, Fit East Cobb has a fitness goal and exists to attain it. Some have finite goals and others just wish to get healthy, eliminate tension, and feel better in their own skin.

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" We are constantly hearing 'I can't do what you do,'" says Chris. "Not all of our members can squat 400 pounds or run a five-minute mile. When someone enters Cross, Fit East Cobb we assess how great his or her engine is, we then develop a fitness prepare for that person.

The workouts merely vary by differing degrees of strength. The requirements of a 40-year-old soccer mama and an Olympian differ by degree, not type." Chris and Jason bring an interesting mix of experience to their functions as owners and fitness instructors at Cross, Fit East Cobb. As evidenced by the military theme and flags that adorn the health club, both have military backgrounds and training.