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Electric motors like to run the starting is what harms them. The defense delay exists to slow down repeated starts should the humidity swing quickly. Unless you have an 8" fan in a 2x2 tent quick humidity swings must not be seen. What size tent and ventilation system do you have? Now I remain in blooming my fan runs 24/7 and I'm trying to discard humidity to keep bud rot away.

With the exception of the hold-up which I had actually set to 1. With it set that way it should shut down at 65% and turn back on at 70% correct? And listed below 65% the fan is off? Cause I saw mine shut down at 65% and I think it went over 70% and it didn't turn back on.

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You will have some over run. Meaning when the humidity strikes 70 the fan must start but you might not see it begin to reduce instantly as it ineeds to get captured up. Does that make good sense? would say it made the climb within a couple of minutes. I had my pt set at 1 so as soon as it struck 70% I must anticipate a 1 minute delay at start but it simply kept climbing up struck 80% then my alarm went off.

The Pt is to safeguard motors from turning off and then a 2nd later drawing back up. Motors, specifically huge ones, need time to cycle down. I set my Pt to absolutely no and would recommend that to you. Make certain you are paying attention to the fan, is it beginning when informed to start.

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There is likewise a green light that will light on the panel of the controller when a signal is offered to the plug. Ensure the fan is plugged into the work 2 recepticle. @Bubblehead appears to be working now however needs some adjusting. Right now my fan is kicking on and off to quickly.

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Likewise appears that the 10$ humidity sign I got off Amazon seems to be a piece of crap trigger it's not even near to what the ink bird display screen reads. I have the inkbird dialed in around 60% and the 10$ indication reads 21% 1 Like Grateful you have it found out.