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The schools lie in the US and Germany. New schools for 2023 include: a school in Toronto, Canada; and online Spanish Schools for students who live in or beyond the United States. Or call our Qualified Energy Recovery Practitioners. teaches over 50 Holistic, Esoteric, Spiritual and Shamanic advanced Energy Healing Techniques and Self-Healing Practices for recovery oneself and others.

Our School honors all spiritual customs and serves the novice and advanced professional alike. The Training includes a series of unique, transformational methods that assists us launch long-held shows and subconscious energy patterns, that enable profound change to happen. The Training helps increase our health, awareness, pleasure, imagination, intuition and other psychic capabilities, deepens our spiritual connection, and assists us to fulfill our Purpose for Being.

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CHECKED OUT MORE. MASTERS STUDENTS find out an extra 22 "Master-Healer" Energy Techniques and Practices. See and Courses for details. Contact ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH (845- 8785165) (184 Todd Hill Rd. Lagrangeville, NY 12540 (845-878-5165) (by Penny Price Lavin. It includes Ron Lavin, Bruce Lipton and many more. Penny's book is based on her award-winning documentary, The Recovery Field: Exploring Energy & Consciousness.

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Recovering Touch is a multi-level program in energy-based therapy that moves from beginning to innovative practice. After conclusion of all 5 courses, a person is qualified to make an application for certification from Recovering Beyond Borders, Inc. Structures of Recovering Touch starts with 15-20 continuing education contact hours of instruction, allowing persons with varying backgrounds to enter, acknowledge their previous learning and to further establish concepts and skills in energy-based treatment.

Energetic Patterning and Clinical Applications is for students who have finished and dream to increase breadth and depth in the research study of Healing Touch. (15-20 continuing education contact hours.) The second level of research study in Recovering Touch consists of a consumption interview, back methods and a one-hour recovery series. Focus in the experiential learning is on establishing healing series for particular customer needs.

This course includes: advancement of Greater Sense Perception (HSP), sequencing of healing strategies, dealing with assistance, self-healing and self-development. (15-20 continuing education contact hours). Case Management and Expert Practice. This course prepares the student to end up being a Healing Touch Specialist and develop a practice setting. are checked out consisting of establishing a private practice, incorporating Healing Touch into a current practice setting either working alone or with others.