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NCSBN has actually compiled info about emergency situation action by states related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional information is available in the COVID-19 Info section.

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What is New? https://pastelink.net/b96bzw4l (e, NLC) increases access to care while keeping public defense at the state level. The e, NLC has particular licensure requirements referred to as "( ULRs)." Under the e, NLC, in order to get a license with multi-state opportunity, candidates must satisfy all UULRs in accordance with Virginia Code 54.

3 C. Candidates need to testify the having fulfilled these requirements at the time of preliminary application and renewal. The e, NLC is a contemporary licensure service for the 21st century, permitting nurses living in compact states to practice in all other compact states with a single multistate license. The states that participate in the e, NLC are not precisely the like the initial NLC.

Discover more about the e, NLC here. See also e, NLC FAQs. Application Map New states are in the process of carrying out the e, NLC. The Implementation Map has current subscription information. Transitioning to the e, NLC There are some essential changes coming as states transition to the e, NLC.

RISE Parent Compact / Overview

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Involvement States participating in the e, NLC will not be the exact same states getting involved in the initial NLC. If you have an e, NLC multi-state license, you might only practice in e, NLC participating states. Ramifications The e, NLC has the same purpose and function as the initial NLC with improvements that include extra member states and uniform licensure requirements (ULRs).

New applicants living in compact states will require to meet the 11 Uniform Licensure Requirements. The licenses and () and living in a state to practice in other states without the need of acquiring an additional license. The facilitates nursing practice amongst the states by requiring the nurse to maintain a license in his/her which grants "multi-state opportunity" to practice in other states.

federal government The that the nurse practice according to the laws and policies of each state in which the nurse practices or provides care (i. e., the state in which the client lies at the time care is rendered), either physically or digitally. Nursing practice is not restricted to client care, and includes all nursing practice as defined by each compact state's practice laws.