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Yes I'm being deliberately cryptic for now. You'll see what I indicate soon enough. Let's begin with how I pertained to get this deck. A fellow tarot good friend wished to put me through a little an experiment. He pitched to me: I desire to send you a deck, however you need to first pledge me you will not look up any details about it, or read any reviews, or try to find reviewer card pictures of the deck, okay? The only thing you are permitted to take a look at prior to getting the deck is the publisher's marketing copy and the sample card images presented on the deck box itself.

Sure. He sent me publisher provided advertising images of the cards and the deck box, where selected cards were featured. By the method, side tangent: really, this guidebook is well-written, chock loaded with details. Essentially, in all marketing and advertising products on the deck launched by the publisher, you only see Significant Arcana cards, the Aces, and face card.

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And I can not totally express to you my enjoyment. Wow, simply wow. This deck is going to be legendary. Nay, this deck is epic. The artwork, the principle, even the graphic design information of the borders and design, and the inclusion of the Qabalistic and astrological correspondences yes to everything! Psst also see how Key 8 is Strength and Secret 11 is Justice.

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What you'll be seeing are scenes based on the five elements of fire, water, air, earth, and spirit. Holm did an exemplary task composing the manual. If you do end up getting this deck, the text is worth your read. The content reflects a strong understanding of Western esotericism. Melinda Lee Holm herself determines as a tarot priestess.

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I am in love with that Hierophant card. There's that little nod to the traditional Pope card on top of the shrine. The feline is just charming overload. That Lovers card, too, which oops, I cut off in my photo revealing it through the polarizing interior decor designs. ( can scroll back up to an earlier image to see the complete Secret 6.) The 2nd person narrative of the text draws you right in.