He started as an interior decorative artist and slowly transitioned to painting on canvas and taking photos. He utilizes people as a crucial element of his photos, typically bringing feelings into his black and white images. Marcus is a Swedish professional photographer. Minimalist at heart, he develops meaningful shots using as couple of aspects as possible.

His images are displayed in Stockholm, Hong Kong, Rome, and other cities worldwide. Varun stands out as an architectural photographer. He often works with drones which leads to a magnificent scenic view of the scene. He has a background in IT. He utilizes photography to stir his imagination and make aesthetically appealing images.

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Inge transforms architecture into an art type. She has an eye for remarkable compositions. Much of her images are black and white however she likewise likes to play with colours- sometimes consisting of one or two accent tones in one image. She frequently consists of human beings as shapes to make her photos even more appealing.

He routinely uses bird eye view to record the totality of a scene from an unusual point of view. His images are full of life, typically consisting of people in his frames. He likewise plays with leading lines and long direct exposure photography to give his images an additional zing. Andria has a minimalistic and dreamy design of architecture photography.

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You can determine his photos by the signature warm pink which includes environment to his images. He likewise frequently plays with shadows of natural objects on architectural facades. Xiao is a Shanghai-based visual artist who creates vibrant yet improved architecture images. What makes her images special is that she includes herself in most of them, as an aspect.

Helin is a designer who plunged into photography when studying the connection in between architecture and art. She has had cooperations with brands such as Samsung, Nikon, or Audi. Her style is extremely imaginative and innovative, as she discovers something worth catching in every environment. is a professional photographer and traveller from Berlin, who takes images of information that many people cease to notice.

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He likes to consist of people and animals in his pictures to produce a sense of motion. Jeroen is a Dutch professional photographer who is intending to combine architecture with minimalism. He loves concentrating on structures and patterns, and he utilizes colours very mindfully, only consisting of a selection of them in each image.