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"Extremely Hollywood filmic in such a way." In the Classic Albums documentary, Dury credits Aja with "a traditional L.A. kind of noise. You would not believe it was taped anywhere else in the world. got California through its blood, although they are boys from New York. It's a record that sends my spirits up, and really when I listen to music, really that's what I want.

It was the early 2000s, and "individuals moaning" exhaustively explained much of the rock on the charts, carried out as it was by the strenuously resentful likes of 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, and Linkin Park. The anxiety and rage expressed by those bands, however in style, struck me as embarrassingly histrionic; nor did I have much time for the simple boy-meets-girl stories and celebration anthems stamped out by the pop factory.

It also pleased me lastly to have discovered a popular "traditional" band of which I might call myself a fan, though no one else my age seemed to be knowledgeable about them particularly not women. During Steely Dan's long hiatus after Gaucho, Becker turned to producing albums for other artists, consisting of Rickie Lee Jones's Flying Cowboys (1989 ).