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I didn't even put these two things together until reading this book and I resembled, "Wait a minute ..." Ideally, it will assist you put some pieces together as well. handle keeping an in-depth record, taking a look at tarot sets, creating an entire self mandala, and carrying out ancestral routines to honor the forefathers you are dealing with through tarot.

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While the concept of karma comes from Hinduism, Hendrickson's definition really resonated with me. For her, karma isn't about you doing something good or bad and being rewarded or punished in the next life, however that your actions in the past which of your forefathers resonate into the future in a range of ways such as limiting beliefs, passive-aggressiveness, fear, skewed world view, etc.

The trauma experienced by my ancestors and previous lives still affects me and my family today. While this may or may not be karma, I find the sentiment to be true all the exact same. The tarot sets, chapter, however, was most interesting to me. I have actually talked about birth sets on the blog previously, those cards that give you insight into what your purpose is in this life, but Hendrickson takes it a step even more with death sets and occasion sets.

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This can assist discuss some of the actions of the ancestor you experience. What truly put this into viewpoint for me was the death set for Anthony Bourdain: Tower/Chariot. Considering Bourdain devoted suicide, I read this has a tumultuous and unanticipated death. There were several others noted that had me shaking my head like, Hendrickson is onto something! She then goes on to talk about event sets, which are sets for a considerable event in your life that alters its course.

I truly enjoy this book and overcoming a few of the spreads. I am going to need to come back to it when I have more time to take a seat with each spread and keep a comprehensive journal, but I absolutely will. Ancestral Tarot: Reveal Your Past and Chart Your Future by Nancy Hendrickson is available now, and if you are wanting to grow your ancestral practice I encourage you to get this book!.