The DMBTK has the exact same basic features as our basic MCS-DMB Gen 2 mini chassis, however is developed to deal with all Tikka actions chambered in short calibers. It is considered a true bolt in and go system. Comes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFzo23AzxS0 with a precision-ground stainless recoil lug and AI-style 5 round publication. The MCS-DBMTK likewise features a lowprofile ambidextrous mag release and an extended mag well. This job was started for the people that wanted a full size rimfire training rifle that had the very same size and feel as their complete size service gun. Although you will not get the exact same recoil, you will be able to practice the basics of shooting on the exact same size platform without the expense of centerfire ammunition.

30 Nos Tikka T3x Build is Done! - Long Range Only

The adjustments that we did to the stock make it so the bolt manage and activate are in the very same area as your complete size service rifle. This stock can likewise be had with an unique heavy fill so that the completed rifle will weigh in about 13lbs. We tried to construct this as a mid level weapon without needing to use a 40X style action and all the cost associated. We feel that the Quad is the very best platform to fit this need. It can be bolted in as a factory weapon, or the owner will be able to upgrade on his own when he wants.

T3 Mag - Aftermarket magazines for Tikka T3 and T3x factory bottom metal

This is a special version of our MCS-T4 that is created just for the Tikka T3. This stock enables you to utilize your factory separate trigger guard with out any adjustments. You can likewise run the aftermarket CDI system. It comes basic with a repaired 1 Pachmyer Decelerator pad and can also be bought with the optional butt spacer system with a 1/2 Decelerator pad. The basic weight for the T4 is 2. 8 pounds. The forend is about 2. 50" wide and will take barrels approximately 1. 350 inches in diameter. The sides and bottom of the forend and the bottom of the butt behind the hook are parallel with the bore.