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Hello buddies, and invite back to Week in Review! Last week, I discussed tech handling Disney. Today, I'm discussing the search for a brand-new crypto messiah. If you're reading this on the Tech, Crunch site, you can get this in your inbox from the newsletter page, and follow my tweets @lucasmtny.

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This weekend, thousands of crypto acolytes and financiers have come down on a Bitcoin-themed conference in Miami, a really genuine, extremely heavily-produced conference sporting crypto stars and real celebrities all on an objective to make waves. Even though am not at the conference personally (panels from its main stage were live-streamed online), I have lots of welcomes in my email for afterparties featuring celebrities, open bars and endless conversations on the perils of fiat.

Regardless of having so much, what they still seem to be lacking is a tutelary saint. For the longest bout, that was Space, X and Tesla CEO Elon Musk who strengthened the currency by pressing Tesla to invest money on its balance sheet into bitcoin, while likewise pushing for Tesla to accept bitcoin payments for its lorries.

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There are lots of celebs seeking to fill his shoes a recent endorsement failed by Soulja Young boy was among the more humorous instances. Crypto has been no complete stranger to grift of that even the most hardcore crypto grifters can likely agree and I believe there's been some contract that the only leader who can genuinely preach the gospel is someone who is currently so rich they do not even require more money.

The finest runner-up at the minute seems one Jack Dorsey, and while like Musk he is likewise another double-CEO, he is a fair bit various from him in attitude and desire for the spotlight. He was, however, a heading speaker at Miami's Bitcoin conference. Dorsey gathers the most headings for his work at Twitter but it's Square where he is pressing most of his crypto interest.