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I see mystics learning fogs of patchouli, crystal ball in hand, damning you to a life time of bad luck and irritable bowels. Who would be regarding spend their money on something like this? "I would," my mother informs me over the phone. "It's enlightening." My mother is a therapist.

I can't fathom the concept of her being responsible for someone's psychological health while at the same time drawing tarot cards and having her palms read. "You should attempt it, what do you need to lose?" Before I can address with the obvious (my self-respect) she's Googled evaluations of the psychic. According to her website, her name was Amanda and I'll confess to being a little disappointed at this.

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Apparently she's "among the great ones," approximately says my mother. One of the excellent ones. As if they could be evaluated, critiqued or evaluated. Despite my own persistent anxiety, I always believed one of the much better parts of life was not understanding what would occur the bend.

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I finish from college this spring and beyond May my calendar is wide open. Pathetically open. And due to the fact that of this I tunnel my vision, take whatever on one hour at a time, praying to any and all spiritual entities going to listen. And now I might pay to have someone hear me.

With just a cup of coffee to increase my sense of awareness, I pulled into Amanda's driveway around eleven in the morning. The purple neon beckoned me, reminding me that I will both have an experience and feel sleezy while doing it. I pulled open the screen door and went into the space, conquered with the experience of accidently strolling into someone's home.

The only distinction was that on one side of the room there was a glass table covered in crystals and gem rocks, a tall stack of organization cards, and a pile of what I would later discover to be tarot cards. Not averting from his video game, the guy informed me I might have a seat by the table.