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99 x 5. 00 in. = 7. 60cm x 12. 70cm Card Language: English Card Back: Non-reversible Back Design: Red dagger-like style on black. Buddy Material: 24-page booklet written by Christine Filipak. Buy Now At: Comparable Decks Theme: Dark & Gothic < Previous Deck Back to Top Next Deck > House > Decks.

This is a gold-edged, Gothic Scary themed tarot deck. Each suit was created with a various theme (witches, vampires, beast hunters etc) The dark and haunting images is sure to evoke secret and intrigue as you do readings with this special set! All items are shipped via basic Canada Post lettermail unless I am messaged otherwise.

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The Greatest Guide To ALCHEMY GOTHIC Tarot Card Deck - Wings in the Night, Dl0bvy, Wb, W4You can see a video of me displaying the gilding in the present variation here https://youtu. be/0Q4Mq63r, Fbo, What you Get78 full color 70mm x 121mm (2. 75" x 4. 75") (as revealed in the image)20 Page instruction guide, Thank you for looking & do not forget to leave feedback if you purchase:)This item has actually been evaluated by 2 blogshttp:// glamourzombie.

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Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot is an 78-card deck produced by the same artist who created the Necronomicon Tarot. The cards are stuffed with a dark, fantasy-themed mix of unicorns, dragons along with skulls, vampires, skulls and bats. The minor arcana cards display fit elements in an arranged fashion and not illustrations.

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She is well-known for her work in Dungeons and Dragons play books. Stokes Gothic Tarot Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot is a spooky deck, following the style of The Black Tarot and the Favole Tarot. The deck is based on pre-existing artwork chosen to illustrate or match the main Arcana or face card.

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The Hanged Man is shown as coiling Medusa, The Tower is portrayed as a fairy getting a huge web, The Chariot as a dragon spitting fires. It is the Anne Stokes Tarot, which is in fact even more dark (or perhaps The Hobbit goes to Hell) Hobbit gets to Hell) rather than Gothic is filled with fairies, unicorns, elves dragons, grim reapers and periodically vampires All living in harmony within a multi-purpose Medieval castle.

Minor Arcana is not illustrated however, instead it uses pip cards that are rather grim. The fits are presented in the basic way of Cups, Swords, Wands, and Pentacles However, they are highlighted with rather improbable (to seem Gothic) symbolic significance. The Cups are portrayed as a silver chalice teeming with blood, and the numbers are represented by bats as well as a radiant red pentagram forms the background of Pentacles and the number represented by silver skulls.

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The Court Cards use vampires to represent the Cups royalty, skeletons and Grim Reapers to represent Pentacles, Angels with feathered wings for Swords and dragons along with Wyverns for Wands royals. The deck measures 60 x 110 millimeters, which is less than the usual. Its cardstock is great with a low shine, light and versatile.

The image on the cards is clear and sharp The colors are typically more dark in tone. Every image is put within a fancy frame that has an inscription of inside the form of a circle in the middle. The card's name is written in 4 various languages that are English upper left corner, German leading right, French bottom left, Spanish bottom right with a stark white printing.