One of the major causes for tinnitus is the noise pollution or exposure to loud noises which are so intense that it wears down the delicate hair cells in the inner ears. Maintaining a proper healthy diet is an important step in curing tinnitus. Foods rich in vitamin A, B, and E should be added to the everyday diet of the person. Chlorine and Zinc should also be added in the person's dietary plans as they help greatly in relieving the condition. An easy and simple remedy is to make use of an ear plug while being in a loud environment. The person can do yoga or meditation to reduce his stress levels as it trigger off tinnitus. There are many herbs that help to give relief from tinnitus. The traditional Chinese medicinal herb Ginkgo Biloba is effective in helping restore the circulatory system's ability to function properly. The medicinal herb Verain which is also known as Wild hyssop helps to reduce inflammation. helps to get relief from strain and stress, which is very useful in the fight against tinnitus. The person should also limit the intake of alcohol, caffeine and chocolate consumption as they have the potential power to excite the inner cells in the ear. The victim should also quit smoking because it increases the electrical activity in the inner ear. There are different kinds of hyperacusis symptoms including hearing unexplainable sounds and noises, sounds that cause unbearable headache, and sounds of mouse and keyboards being pressed. Do you experience these symptoms? If yes, then you must have hyperacusis. What is hyperacusis? This health condition is defined as being oversensitive to certain sounds.