Glass Extension Breathes Life into 1920's Brick House in the Hague

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Rotterdam/The Netherlands, Home extension, Delft, the Netherlands.

House overlooking a canal A canal house (Dutch: grachtenpand) is a (generally old) home neglecting a canal. These houses are often slim, high and deep. Canal homes generally had a basement and a loft and attic where trade items might be saved. or pulley installation would be found in the attic to raise up important products, like spices, cotton, or much heavier things like cocoa.

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At the back of a canal house, there will normally be a back garden that runs either midway or to your home behind. The garden would be set out to the taste of the time and the financial position of the owner. At the bottom of the garden, there was sometimes a summerhouse where family and visitors could unwind.

The courtyard ensured light. It could be utilized for lots of functions, and during World War II Anne Frank and her family were using the back house as a hiding location. When the first owner of your house had actually more homes developed by the same carpenter or contractor and utilizing the exact same or mirrored design these are called twin or triplet homes.

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In those cases, your houses will be smaller sized than a regular home (as 3 homes were developed on two land lot). The width of a canal home and the depth of its garden differs a lot. (This is because the land lots in the 17th century began with 18 feet (an Amsterdam foot being 28.

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These mansions were constructed on two land plots, a back home was generally not needed. At Herengracht 386, the museum Het Grachtenhuis (The Canal House) is situated, which tells the story of the Amsterdam canal belt. If one also purchased the lots behind those homes and developed a carriage home and or warehouses, it was in some cases described as a "city palace".