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Italian author Francesco Canova da Milano (Francesco da Milano, likewise known as Il divino, Francesco da Parigi, etc) (18 August 1497 2 January 1543) was an Italian lutenist and composer. He was born in Monza, near Milan, and worked for the papal court for almost all of his career. Francesco was declared throughout Europe as the primary lute author of his time.

Francesco da Milano was likely born in Monza, a little city some 15 km north-northeast of Milan. His dad Benedetto was a musician, as was his senior sibling Bernardino. According to Luca Gaurico's Tractatus astrologicus (1552 ), Francesco studied under Giovanni Angelo Testagrossa, but today this is thought about rather not likely.

From that time for most of his career he was closely connected with the papal court. He and his daddy became private artists to Pope Leo X in October 1516; Francesco's daddy kept this position until December 1518, but Francesco remained till Leo's death in 1521. Little is understood about his subsequent profession in Rome, but he was still living in the city in early 1526: on 16 January 1526 he and another lutenist performed for Pope Clement VII and Isabella d'Este.

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He might have served at the Parisian court for a brief time, since some sources refer to him as Francesco da Parigi. In 1528 he obtained a canonry in S Nazaro Maggiore in Milan, which he would deliver to his sibling in 1536. might have taken a trip to Murano in 1530.

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In the same year Francesco worked as lute teacher to Ottavio Farnese, grand son of Pope Paul III. In a file dated 1 January 1538 Francesco is listed as a member of the household of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, a famous patron of the arts. In July Francesco wed one Clara Tizzoni, a Milanese noblewoman, and relocated to Milan, where the couple lived at least till September.

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Nothing is understood about Francesco's ins 2015 and his death, other than that he probably did not pass away in Milan. The specific date of death, 2 January 1543, was taped only by Luca Gaurico. Francesco's brother outlasted him by a minimum of 19 years, and passed away sometime after 1562. Francesco's father probably outlasted his child also; he died eventually prior to 1555.