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If you have a window in your living room framed with drapes, see if there's a requirement for artwork. The drapes might spill over into the wall space and the addition of any artwork might make the space feel crowded. Ideally, you'll have about 4 inches to 6 inches from the edge of your artwork to the edge of your drapes to make the arrangement look proportioned.

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You might wish to arrange a meandering picture wall on a large stretch of space in your living room, such as above a longer couch, or on an accent wall behind a table and chair, for instance. Photo walls are ideal services for the empty wall area on staircases and corridors.

An organizing needs a centerpiece, which could be a big anchoring piece in the center of the plan. Other pieces can be put as a constellation around this centerpiece. Use non-stick painter's tape or masking tape and a level (there's a totally free app for that) to make certain you're images hang uniformly.

A photo wall looks neat and arranged if it has a sense of a grid. That suggests pieces are hung with the same specific distance between each frame. Use an item, such as a pre-cut piece of cardboard, to uniformly and consistently area your frames. Somewhat irregular grids are noticeable to the eye.

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If you're looking for a piece of dcor with an extra punch, you can't go wrong with large wall art. When pertains to taking your living room to the next level, you do not need to renovate your whole interior to make an effect. By including big wall art (and a couple of basic accessories,) you can give your home a whole make over.