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To price estimate Annie herself "There's no need for tedious priming and sanding you can get straight to the enjoyable bit!" The Annie Sloan chalk paint system in fact consists of two elements: the chalk paint, and a protective wax top coat that's applied after the paint dries (you can choose to utilize either a clear wax or a dark wax).

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Obviously, by the time I navigated to completing the job, I quite much forgot whatever that the class trainer taught me. No matter! The huge takeaway from this job is that this paint is astonishingly flexible. I discovered through trial-and-error how to finest work with the paint to achieve the look I was aiming for.

USAGE PAINT + WATER FOR A SMOOTH COAT If you are the restless type like me, you'll enjoy the lightning quick drying time of this paint. The quick dry time, however, presents a little bit of an obstacle when attempting to cover a large, flat area, like the top of a desk.

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Cutting it with a little bit of water likewise led to a much smoother finish. Do not be alarmed if your very first coat appears like the image below. All will be best with the world as soon as that 2nd coat is used! See, I informed you! As you can see on the drawers, after the second coat of paint was applied, I was entrusted to a truly lovely matte surface if you're questioning what this stunning color is, it's called Duck Egg.

Little did I understand just how much I 'd fall head-over-heels in LOVE with the pieces, as soon as the wax surface was used. Wowza! It's challenging to capture the finish difference in an image, but hopefully, you can see the distinction in between the unwaxed portion of the drawer right and the portion that has been waxed left.

Here's another attempt to reveal you the the contrast in between the waxed and unwaxed surface (please excuse the paper plate, which I utilized to hold the wax): A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! I was shocked to see how much paint and wax that remained after I finished the project desk + console.