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Type 3 consisted of 3 traditional metal shuriken with blunt edges and peaks produced for decorative functions. Experiments using pig carcasses were carried out for types 1 and 2. An experiment using human skin was carried out with type 3 shuriken. A skilled thrower carried out throws from a distance of 1, 2, 3, and 4 m with the shuriken made from plastic.

Type 3 shuriken were checked using a distance of 2 m. Penetration depths of the shuriken made from plastic rose to 8 mm in pig skin. The explore the cyclone shuriken revealed a penetration depth of as much as 2. 5 cm cutting through the entire stomach tissue and opening up an intestinal loop whereas type 3 shuriken yielded maximal penetration depths in between 0.

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3 cm. This research study suggests that all three kinds of shuriken might cause lethal injuries upon challengers in close fight. The findings of this research study must promote a public discussion whether the restriction on conventional shuriken ought to be reached the just recently established types.

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