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The main constituents of attar of roses are the aromatic alcohols geraniol and L-citronellol and rose camphor, an odorless strong made up of alkanes, which separates from increased oil. -Damascenone is likewise a substantial contributor to the aroma. and drink Rose hips are high in vitamin C, are edible raw, and occasionally made into jam, jelly, marmalade, and soup, or are brewed for tea.

Rose hips are also utilized to produce rose hip seed oil, which is used in skin items and some makeup items. Rose water has a very unique flavour and is used in Middle Eastern, Persian, and South Asian foodspecifically in sweets such as Turkish delight, barfi, baklava, halva, gulab jamun, knafeh, and nougat.

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A sweet preserve of increased petals called gulkand is common in the Indian subcontinent. The leaves and washed roots are also sometimes utilized to make tea. In France, there is much use of rose syrup, a lot of frequently made from an extract of rose petals. In the Indian subcontinent, Rooh Afza, a focused squash made with roses, is popular, as are rose-flavoured frozen desserts such as ice cream and kulfi.

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The latter are usually used as flavouring or to include their aroma to food. Other minor usages consist of candied increased petals. Rose creams (rose-flavoured fondant covered in chocolate, frequently topped with a crystallised increased petal) are a conventional English confectionery commonly readily available from numerous producers in the UK. Under the American Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, there are only certain Rosa types, varieties, and parts are listed as typically acknowledged as safe (GRAS).

of these spp. Rose (otto of roses, attar of roses): Ditto Rose buds Rose flowers Rose fruit (hips) Rose leaves: Rosa Medicine The rose hip, normally from R. canina, is used as a small source of vitamin C. The fruits of lots of types have substantial levels of vitamins and have been utilized as a food supplement.

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Rosa chinensis has long been utilized in Chinese traditional medicine. This and other types have been utilized for stomach issues, and are being examined for controlling cancer development. In pre-modern medicine, diarrhodon (Gr, "compound of roses", from, "of roses") is a name given to numerous substances in which red roses are an ingredient.