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Easily Concealable Ink Pen Hidden Knife The sharp little knife can work as a letter opener, box cutter, and cutting small lines. Another fantastic function of this product is the pen in fact works! You can utilize this in front of individuals and they will not understand its trick. https://www.extremely-sharp.com -weight ink pen doesn't obstruct and is little enough to be taken with you on a journey to the store or on your way to work.

It's excellent for self-defense, however likewise comes in handy as a regular composing pen. There is nothing hard about the operation of this pen knife. It is simple to utilize as a pen and as a knife. The top is easy to manage, exposing the blade, however safe sufficient to bring without inadvertently harming yourself.

Its strong style avoids the penknife from being quickly broken also. These letter openers are actual pens that might conserve your life. They look like a normal writing utensil but feature a 2. 13-inch blade that is exposed by pulling the two halves apart. The color alternatives are Black, Silver, Gold, or Red Hidden Pen Knife in 4 Colors Easily hid so you can take them with you just about anywhere.

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Great looking and composes good too! Keep one of these pen knives in your t-shirt pocket and keep another one in your binder so you'll constantly be prepared.

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At, we bring a huge selection of surprise knives in our stock. A concealed knife can be concealed inside a working pen, a comb that can in fact be utilized to design hair or many other normal everyday things. These disguised knives are best for house or personal self defense and can normally be hidden in plain sight out in the open.

Purchase one on your own and have a sharp blade standing by your side able to be accessed at a moments notice. Hidden knives are constantly there when you require them and having a disguised knife close at hand can bring a sense of comfort to anyone. We have actually made it our goal to offer a variety of these hidden knives in several types.