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The number of weapons are produced every year internationally? There are 8 million brand-new small arms and up to 15 billion rounds of ammo produced each year. The small arms trade is worth an approximated US$ 8. 5 billion per year. Weapon violence can cause an offense of the most basic human right the right to life.

If a state does not sufficiently manage how personal people own and use guns, this might amount to a breach of their obligations under worldwide human rights law to secure the rights to life and security of individual. Gun violence by private stars has a strong socio-economic dimension. is normally concentrated in low earnings metropolitan neighbourhoods with high levels of crime.

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Easy access to and proliferation of guns in these situations can have an influence on the community throughout the complete series of human rights. Gun violence and the right to health Gun violence can weaken people's right to health. Individuals living in communities with high levels of firearm violence can discover it difficult or unsafe to gain access to local health care centers.

In some instances, health-related services may prevent finding in areas of high firearm violence since of concerns connected with insecurity and bad personnel retention. Necessary mental assistance for survivors of domestic violence and arrangement of sanctuaries or other safe lodging for those leaving violent relationships are often lacking in deprived neighbourhoods blighted by firearm violence.

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Absence of daily security can have extensive mental impacts, particularly for those who have actually witnessed shootings, as well as for member of the family of victims. The survivors of gun violence can be left seriously and chronically physically and mentally debilitated, in requirement of long-term medical and social care. Weapon violence and the right to education Firearm violence can interrupt the performance of schools and make trainees' journeys to and from school harmful.

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Endemic firearm violence and associated insecurity can have an especially major influence on kids and adolescents, including by disrupting school attendance and retention, harming the learning environment, and decreasing the quality of mentor. This can in turn cause poorer life outcomes concerning employment and income, and perpetuate cycles of deprivation, crime and violence.